E Kriel and Associates IT Services- Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in business technology risk through a varied set of technical solutions including financial & computer control and advanced analytics.  Our services are available throughout North America and we will consider service requests for analytics from global customers.

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT

E Kriel & Associates specializes in addressing business and technology risk through a comprehensive set of solutions including financial & computer controls and advanced analytics.

With rapid changes in information technology CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s are finding it hard to just keep up and to ensure that their investments in IT are secure and being used effectively to deliver the desired business results.

Eckhardt’s solid experience as a chartered accountant helps bridge the gap between the business objectives of senior management, and the capabilities of IT.

The questions that Eckhardt has heard over the years have a common theme;

  • We have invested heavily in our IT assets, are we getting the payback?

  • Are we exposed to undue risk?

  • Is our IT correctly positioned to enable further growth of our business?

Eckhardt can help address the critical issues facing executives today!

As your trusted advisors, Eckhardt Kriel & Associates will work with you to develop solutions, grounded in business common sense, to the critical IT issues which impact business effectiveness and profitability.

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